How we reference you as a tenant

We all know referencing is a neccesary inconvineicne for all tenants to go through, our aim at Christopher Shaw is to make this process as easy and stress free as possible, while that is not always achievable the software we have put in place in 2017 is aimed to make it quick and easy. All paperwork can be done at home, the office or even abroad.

The software we have chosen to use to do this is called GOODLORD which is a cutting edge referencing, payment and tenancy signing platform. By moving all adminstration stages to one platform it gives both agent, tenant and landlord complete control and transparency all the way though to collecting keys and moving in. While we appreciate not everyone is tech savvy we see this as the future of the industry and as forward thinking agents we have taken the tech plunge! we hope you find the experience helpful and easy, but we are always open to your feedback so we can keep improving.